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英语  笔试
第I 卷
1. 每小题选出答案后,用铅笔将答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如果改动,用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案标号。
2. 本卷共55小题,共95分。
例:Stand over there_____ you’ll be able to see it better.
    A. or      B. and         C. but       D. while
1. ---It was a wonderful trip. So, which city did you like better, Paris or Rome?
  ---______. There were good things and bad things about them.
  A. It’s hard to say          B. I didn’t get it
  C. You must be kidding     D. Couldn’t be better
2. The dictionary is ______: many words have been added to the language since it was published.
  A. out of control      B. out of date     C. out of sight      D. out of reach
3. When walking down the street, I came across David, when I _____ for years.
  A. didn’t see         B. haven’t seen     C. hadn’t seen     D. wouldn’t see
4. The cooling wind swept through out bedroom windows, ____ air conditioning unnecessary.
  A. making           B. to make        C. made           D. being made
5. It was really annoying; I _____ get access to the data bank you had recommended.
  A. wouldn’t          B. couldn’t        C. shouldn’t        D. needn’t
6. ---I’m thinking of going back to school to get another degree.
  ---Sounds great!_____.
  A. It all depends      B. Go for it        C. Never mind       D. No wonder
7. ______ the average age of the population increases, there are more and more old people to care for.
  A. Unless            B. Until   C. As             D. While
8. Mary was silent during the early part of the discussion but finally she ____ her opinion on the subject.
  A. gave voice to       B. kept an eye on
  C. turned a deaf ear of    D. set foot on
9. We will put off the picnic in the park until next week, ____ the weather may be better.
  A. that           B. where      C. which       D. when
10. The weather forecast says it will be cloudy with a slight _____ of rain later tonight.
  A. effect         B. sense        C. change      D.  chance  
11. The manager put forward a suggestion ____ we should have an assistant. There is too much work to do.
  A. whether       B. that          C. which       D. what
12. I’m going to _____ advantage of this tour to explore the history of the castle.
  A. put        B. make         C. take       D. give
13. You are waiting at a wrong place. It is at the hotel ____ the coach picks up tourists.
  A. who       B. which         C. where     D. that
14. I hate it when she calls me at work—I’m always too busy to _____ a conversation with her.
  A. carry on    B. break into      C. turn down     D. cut off
15. I was wearing a seatbelt. If I hadn’t been wearing one, I ____.
  A. were injured       B. would be injured
  C. had been injured    D. would have been injured
第二节: 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
The journey my daughter Cathy has had with her swimming is as long as it is beautiful.
   Cathy suffered some terrible 16  in her early childhood. After years of regular treatment, she  17  became healthy.
   Two years ago, while Cathy was watching the Olympics, a dream came into her sweet little head—to be a swimmer. Last summer, she wanted to  18  out local swim team. She practiced hard and finally  19  it. The team practice,  20  was a rough start. She coughed and choked and could hardly  21  her first few weeks. Hearing her coughing bitterly one night, I decided to  22  her from it all. But Cathy woke me up early next morning, wearing her swimsuit  23  to go! I told her she shouldn’t swim after a whole night’s coughing, but she refused to  24  and insisted she go .
   From that day on, Cathy kept swimming and didn’t  25  a single practice. She had a  26  intention within herself to be the best she could be. My ten—year—old was growing and changing right before my eyes, into this 27  human being with a passion and a mission. There were moments of  28  of course: often she would be the last swimmer in the race. It was difficult for Cathy to accept that she wasn’t a  29  ---ever. But that didn’t stop her from trying.
   Then came the final awards ceremony at the end of the year. Cathy didn’t expect any award but was still there to  30  her friends and praise their accomplishments. As the ceremony was nearing the end, I suddenly heard the head coach  31  , “The highest honor goes to Cathy!” Looking around, he continued, “Cathy has inspired us with her  32  and enthusiasm.  33  skills and talents bring great success, the most valuable asset(财富)one can hold is the heart.”
   It was the greatest  34  of my daughter’s life. With all she hade been  35  in her ten years, this was the hour of true triumph(成功).
16. A. failure           B. pressure          C. loss          D. illness
17. A. usually         B. finally          C. firstly         D. frequently
18. A. improve        B. train         C. join          D. contact
19. A. increased        B. found        C. created        D. made
20. A. however         B. therefore        C. otherwise        D. instead
21. A. use          B. survive         C. save          D. waste
22. A. pull          B. tell           C. hide          D. fire
23. A. afraid         B. nervous         C. ready         D. free
24. A. take off        B. set off         C. give up        D. show up
25. A. attend         B. miss         C. ban         D. Start
26. A. rich       B. weak       C. firm         D. kind
27. A. trusted    B.determined   C.experienced   D. embarrassed 
28. A. frustration   B. delight     C. excitement   D. surprise
29. A. beginner     B.learner     C. partner      D. winner
30. A. cheer on     B. compete with   C. respond to   D. run after
31. A. admitting    B.explaining      C.announcing    D. whispering
32. A. humor       B. will          C. honesty       D. wisdom
33. A. Although     B. Since         C. Once        D. Because
34. A. discovery     B. choice        C. influence     D. moment
35. A. through       B. under        C. across       D. around 
第二部分: 阅读理解 (共20小题; 每小题2.5分,满分50分)
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